Disneyland Fireworks

About Disneyland Fireworks

The Disneyland Paris fireworks show is one of the main attractions of Disneyland.Visitors plan their trips depending on the availability of the Disneyland fireworks as they are not held daily, during the off seasons. Disneyland puts up the fireworks schedule 6 weeks before the shows start. Although the fireworks depend heavily on the weather and other special occasions at the park,the music and the projections happen everyday.These Illuminations are an ecstatic and extravagant affair for the kids as well as the adults.The experience is considered to be awe-inspiring and magnificent.The dramatic display on innumerable vivid and vibrant colours in the sky create a photogenic view. Disneyland opened its gates in 1992 and is located at a distance of 46 kilometres from the Paris Airport.

Best spots for viewing Fireworks at Disneyland

  • The foreground of the Sleeping Beauty Castle: One of the most approved viewing areas by the tourists of the Disneyland Paris Fireworks is the frontal section of Sleeping Beauty's Castle.Although the tourists might have to reach the location 2 - 3 hours beforehand,it is well worth it as it ensures the most perfect viewing of the fireworks at Disneyland Paris. 
  • Rivers of America: If you want to experience the essence of the Disneyland fireworks on the bigger screens along with the music,wait till the show of Fantasmic! comes to an end.This spot is a win-win situation for the visitors who have already seen the Fantasmic! show, as the fireworks can also be glimpsed from the very same location. 
  • In front of the ‘it’s a small world’: This viewing area is comparatively secluded and is suitable for people who want to avoid the crowd without losing out on the experience of the Disneyland fireworks. Although,you might miss out on the view of the Castle,you will surely get to look at the fireworks on the facade of ‘it’s a small world’.The Disneyland Paris Fireworks show along with the show's music can be viewed on the left. 

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Fireworks at Disneyland Paris Events

Disney Illuminations

The Disney Illuminations is one of the most sought after events in Disneyland.It is a string of projections,waterworks,special effects along with the renowned fireworks.The Illuminations start with an opening show followed by the soundtracks of movies like The Lion King and The Frozen. Later,the fireworks come to an end with a closing act of audio and visual shows,leaving the spectators with a breathtaking experience.

Disney New Year’s Eve Party

Just as the name suggests the Disney New Year’s Eve Party is hosted once a year, starting from 8 pm up to 2 am in the morning.The program includes a stunning play of lights,a number of late night events, and a thrilling countdown followed by a bewitching show of fireworks. The Disney New Year’s Eve Party tickets are available online for tourists on the official website of Disneyland Paris.

Disney Christmas Parade

Tourists indulge in the jovial delight of the Christmas Day Parade as they mark the day with Santa Claus, and all the other figures of their favourite Disney films decked up in their decorated costumes.The stunning view of the Christmas lights and decorations are sure to keep one jolly for the rest of the year.

Plan Your Visit to Disneyland fireworks

How to Reach
Best time to visit
Visitor Tips
  1. By Metro-A regional train service called RER A,runs back and forth between Disneyland Paris and the Paris Airport.The journey is 40 minutes long.Visitors can find all the required information about this mode of transportation on their official website.

  2. By Bus- Visitors can also use the bus service provided by Disneyland Paris.They can purchase tickets for this transportation from the official website.This method requires a pre booking, about two days before availing the service, and a printed ticket to get on with the bus journey.

  3. By Car/Bike-If tourists want to stroll at their own speed,renting a car or bike from Hertz Rental is the best idea. Guests can pre book cars and bikes from their official website.

A tour of Disneyland Paris depends solely on the visitor’s choice of season.The time from mid January to mid of March and from the mid of April to the mid of May is considered to be an off season.Hence,the crowd along with the number of shows,parades and Disneyland Paris fireworks are sure to be low in count compared to the peak season,i.e, from May to the mid of January with a higher number of celebratory events and fireworks at Disneyland Paris.

  • Guests are always recommended to take the climatic conditions into consideration while travelling.

  • Visitors with certain issues like heart conditions,epilepsy,orthopaedic problems,high blood pressure etc should steer clear of a few attractions.

  • To avoid the crowd at restaurants,try eating pre or post peak hours.

  • Make sure to download the official Disneyland app to keep a track of the time duration of the activity.


Where in Paris Disneyland will the fireworks display take place?

The Disneyland Paris fireworks take place at the Disneyland Park just over the Castle of Sleeping Beauty.The visitors can enjoy the colourful spectacle from a few locations spread over the Disneyland Park.

How long is the Disneyland Paris Illuminations?

The Disneyland Paris fireworks go on for 16 - 20 minutes.This event takes place at the end of the night to mark a celebratory conclusion of the joyful day the visitors had.

Does Disneyland Paris have fireworks now?

Yes,after the termination of the fireworks at Disneyland for 21 months due to the Covid-19 pandemic,the fireworks celebrations have begun again.However,new rules and precautions have been issued for the health and safety of the visitors.

Do they do fireworks every night at Disneyland?

Yes,the fireworks are an everyday occurrence.They take place without fail except on days with bad weather or some other exceptions.


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