Tips and FAQs for visiting Disneyland Paris

About Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is an enchanting place for kids, tweens, teens, and adults to enjoy and have fun. Encompassing two Disneyland theme parks, Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Park, this place is a hub of fun and enjoyment. Besides, it possesses Disney Village, home to restaurants, shopping, and entertainment zones. There are approximately 50 fun attractions in this beautifully designed theme park. Once you enter this place, you will see all the iconic Disney characters come to life only for meeting and greeting you with pleasure. Witnessing 320 million visitors, this place is a complete package of family entertainment!

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Tips to Visit Disneyland Paris

- You need to purchase your Disnelyland Paris Ticketss in advance as this place is always sold out owing to its popularity.

- Bookings for popular disnelyland paris restaurants need to be reserved 2 months prior to arrival. 

- Download their official Disneyland Paris app which offers you detailed information about Rides in Disneyland Paris and restaurants.

- You can hire a guide if you want to know more about the attractions and explore the hidden-but cool ones. 

- You can get a map for yourself to reach the in-park locations on time. 

- Wear comfortable shoes throughout the park as you would have to walk much more than you think.

- For better experiences, one of the most important tips to visit Disneyland Paris is to visit three zones including Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Park, and Disney Village.

- If you are planning a single-day exploration, it is advised to wrap up the Walt Disney Park, followed by Disney Village at last, so that you can explore different rides at Disneyland Paris and relax later in the Disney village.

- One of the most useful tips to visit Disneyland Paris for a 4-day visit is to buy the Annual Pass ticket, it offers a variety of deals and free access.  

- You need to get a chipped credit card to access Walt Disney Park.

- If you are on a budget, it is recommended to bring your food inside as food stalls outside the venue don’t offer healthy food. 

- French is the most spoken language in this place, however, it is okay if you can’t speak French. The staff of the entire complex is good at speaking English.

- If you are traveling internationally, you should carry a voltage converter owing to possible electricity differences between France and your country. 

- The best place to witness the everyday event of the Disney star parade is from the sidewalk of the central plaza for the closest views.

- If you have lost something valuable at this park, go to the lost and found facilities for better help.

- This place is fully accessible by wheelchair and is friendly to people with special abilities, so you can plan your trip accordingly.

FAQ's about Disneyland Paris

What are some famous rides at Disneyland Paris?

Mickey’s PhilharMagic: As the name of this famous attraction indicates, Mickey Philhar Magic is a spellbinding performance ideal for all children, tweens, teens, and adults. Your favorite Disney characters will be introduced to you in 4D throughout this show. The most well-known character you'll see at this attraction is the amazing Mickey Mouse along with the infamous Donald Duck.

Les Tapis Volants: Flying Carpets Over Agrabah: You will travel through the Disneyscape of Agrabah, which is based on the beloved Disney movie Aladdin, during this entertaining encounter. On this fantastic journey, you can converse with the genie and the enormous lamp while flying on beautiful carpets. With the help of the holy scarab, you can make your desires come true by commanding the magical carpet to move forward, backward, or to fly high or low.

Peter Pan's Flight: Set sail around Neverland to encounter mermaids, fairies, and pirates. Witness Wendy and Peter Pan's first encounter in this stunning landscape of erupting volcanoes, lighted waterfalls, and starry skies. After passing Pirates Cove and the Mermaid Lagoon and beating Captain Hook to end your journey.

Can you take your food and drink to Disneyland Paris?

Yes, Disneyland Paris provides you the freedom to bring outside food and beverages inside its grounds, unlike any other theme park or entertainment area. This does not interfere with your enjoyment of the exciting location while paying nothing at all. One of the tips to visit Disneyland Paris is to take your food inside if you are running low on budget.

Is there any age restriction for the rides in Disneyland Paris?

Everyone is welcomed and well-served inside Disneyland Paris, including children, adolescents, teens, adults, and even elders.

Are backpacks allowed in Disneyland Paris?

You are permitted to bring a backpack into the building. However, passing through a security inspection, the backpack will be permitted inside. The luggage must be opened or pushed through to properly evaluate and perform a safety check on larger bags and suitcases.

What can you not bring to Disneyland?

Alcoholic beverages, glass containers, illegal or harmful substances (drugs), weapons (defensive or offensive), and offensive objects are prohibited. Blasters and water guns are also prohibited inside since they could terrify youngsters or other visitors who are less familiar with the subject.

What are the opening times of the Disney Parks?

Every day from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Disneyland Paris, which includes Disney Park and Walt Disney Park Studio, is open to the public. However, the hours are extended during the busiest times or special events.

Is Disneyland worth it in Paris?

Yes, Disneyland Paris is a must-see destination as it ranks among the best tourist destinations in France. Disney Park and Walt Disney Studios are two renowned theme parks with exhilarating rides that cater to fun-loving and daring groups. One of the tips to visit Disneyland Paris is to explore Disney Village at the end of your visit. The Disney Village offers dining and shopping options. The infamous hotels and restaurants also feature French-style architecture and have character-based Disney movie themes.


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