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There are many beautifully themed restaurants at Disneyland Paris serving authentic French, American, and European food. These restaurants, bars, and lounges are situated all across the venue including Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Park, and Disney Village, designed beautifully with elegant interiors mostly themed around iconic Disney characters. You start to have the tastiest American cuisine at Anette’s dinner restaurant or can choose to sit in the open-air American-themed diner Casey’s corner, relishing the classic burgers, big thick milkshakes, fries, and hot dogs.

After riding the thrilling Disney rides enjoy some nice ice cream and waffles from Ben & Jerry. The restaurant is themed around the same characters as other popular highlights of this place. The amazing seafood can be tasted at the infamous restaurant on Cape Cod. If you are a fan of French food, Bistrot Chez Remy restaurant has an abundance of the yummiest country-special food. You can have authentic vegetarian dishes at Auberge de Cendrillon, one of the most popular Disneyland Paris restaurants, all in the beautiful theme around the iconic character of Cinderella. Bars like Country Billy Bob’s Country Western Saloon, and Captain’s Quarters will provide you with a variety of options for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Restaurants at Disneyland Paris

Annette’s Diner

Teleport back into the times of funk and excitement with the American Annette’s Diner. As you enter, you will feel all the colors of the ‘rock and roll’ era of America. You will be able to sit in this beautifully designed restaurant and witness the enchanting Happy Days of America through the tastiest food. Grab snacks like Hotdogs and Hamburgers with chocolate milkshakes sitting on the infamous USA-style counter through the elegant bartender. Let it be vegetarian or non-vegetarian, this restaurant caters to your hunger with breakfasts being served by the staff on roller skates!

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Au Chalet de la Marionnette

This restaurant is all in the style of the German state of Bavaria made in the architecture of a chalet. This restaurant is themed around the infamous Disney cartoon of Pinocchio- the long nose character. Made from wood, this restaurant gives you a feeling of an alpine village in the middle of Disneyland Paris. It possesses beautifully themed interiors letting you pull out a chair and order your happiness. You will be able to eat the yummiest roasted chicken and the burger followed by the sweetest desserts.

Auberge de Cendrillon

Designed all in the themes of Cinderella, this restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants at Disneyland Paris. An authentic French Cuisine is a specialty of this restaurant serving only vegetarian food. This restaurant has a dining experience that is specially curated for your little ones. You and your kid will have the royal meal with the attendance of Cinderella in the marvelous medieval banquet hall. The famous royal hall has stunning stained glass windows, house flags, and stoned archways. Visitors are encouraged to dress up for the royal dining in this beautifully themed Disney restaurant.

Ben & Jerry’s

Situated in Disney Village, this beautiful 3-story restaurant is one of the most vibrant restaurants at Disneyland Paris. You can sit in this beautifully themed restaurant to enjoy its infamous ice cream known as Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream coming in different flavors to choose from. You can also spend your time relaxing to see the spectacular views of Disney lake with your favorite refreshment drink in hand. You can also check out the restaurant's hot drinks including coffees, and hot chocolate along with some yummy crepes and waffles.

Billy Bob’s Country Western Saloon

Enjoy your weekend to dance on the tunes of Billy Bob’s country-western saloon. This infamous Bar is one of the grooviest Disneyland Paris restaurants. Once you enter this lit bar swinging its doors, you will be unstoppable at showing your moves at the DJ Party. You can choose your favorite beer, or cocktail, and drink it with the tastiest nachos. Hosting DJ nights in Disney village, this restaurant is open only during the nights as it witnesses the dancing crowd every Friday and Saturday Night.

Bistrot Chez Rémy

This restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants at Disneyland Paris situated in the Worlds of Pixar, the Walt Disney Park. This elegant restaurant offers French Cuisine-themed around the Disney Pixar classic. This Parisian Bistro presents you with the Rat’s eye view of the huge eatery inside with beautiful cutlery and cookbooks. You will be able to have giant champagne or the oversized cocktail indulging in the special big menu of this restaurant. Let it be seasonal salad, Ratatouille, or Brie de Meaux- you will be able to have your favorite dessert. This restaurant has so much popularity that it demands a whopping table reservation up to two months prior to your arrival!

Bleecker Street Lounge

You can visit this infamous lounge in the Disney Hotel New York-The art of Marvel in Disneyland Paris restaurants. This elegantly designed restaurant is compact with smart walls mimicking the break wall architecture with a hip-loft style hangout. You will be able to have coffee, tea, soft drinks, craft beers, and organic wines. This place is usually chosen by the people after their Disneyland experience to relax with a cup of hot coffee witnessing the captivating view of the beautiful Disney lake from this chill lounge.

Café Mickey

Located in Disney village, this restaurant is themed around the infamous character of Mickey Mouse. The infamous restaurant is very popular among kids as it offers the tastiest child meal plans. Even though this place is expensive, it is mostly crowded owing to the popularity of the Disney character. Guests are encouraged to wear outfits related to Mickey Mouse characters to entice kids. The popular Mickey waffle, along with other eatables such as pasta, fruits, lemonade, coffee, and salad are available to eat. This place is usually visited for kids' birthday celebrations witnessing a large number of Merry kids with their parents.

Cape Cod

Cafe Cod specializes in seafood and especially dishes inspired by Fishes. This elegantly designed spacious cafe offers vegan, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian, all types of food along with the tastiest buffet. This restaurant seems to be mimicking the New England Sea side with the yummiest seafood. Mediterranean ocean taste can be witnessed in the healthiest choices such as cheese, scrambled eggs, and meat for diet-conscious people. Pastries, fruit juices, and fresh fruits along with hot coffee are also served popularly across this restaurant. One of the most unique Disneyland Paris restaurants, this cafe offers plant-based vegan meal options for the ones opting for the vegan diet.

Café Hyperion

This restaurant is one of the most unique restaurants at Disneyland Paris and is designed in a futuristic style of the Airship Hyperion. This restaurant is presented by Coca-Cola and labeled as a provider of the food from the future. It is the biggest fast-food restaurants at Disneyland Paris with the giant redfish visible to the outside spectators. This smart restaurant allows you to watch a movie or a live show in a high-tech hangar along with having the tastiest burger or fries of your choice. This restaurant is usually visited by the people before exploring Disneyland for having the tastiest breakfast to start their delightful day.

Captain’s Quarters

As the name suggests, this restaurant is themed in nautical style for aperitif offered in the opulent setting of yacht races and regattas. It is a bar serving alcoholic drinks, situated in the Disney Newport Bay Club. The captain’s quarters are designed in an elegant theme colored in the shades of brown and cream with scenic paintings hung on the wall. Since Captain’s quarter is a bar, it is known to serve various snacks, cocktails, alcoholic drinks, and beverages. There are a lot of great options from beers, wine, and champagnes to choose from. The 30th-anniversary menu is another popular thing about this restaurant, offering different Disney-themed shortbreads and Mickey sweet treats (desserts).

Casey’s Corner

Situated in Disneyland Park, this restaurant is an outdoor seating place making you witness warm sunlight in the fresh breeze. Delicious American food is provided in the infamous American-style baseball-themed diner. As the name points out to the infamous character of Disney’s Casey, it prepares the theme park’s most delicious fries, spicy food, hotdogs, and soft drinks. Playing live ragtime music with the yummiest fast food, this is one of the most enjoyable restaurants at Disneyland Paris.


What restaurants are available within Disneyland Paris?

The best restaurants in Disneyland Paris are Annette’s Diner, Auberge de Cendrillon, Ben & Jerry’s, Cape Cod, and Billy Bob’s Country Western Saloon.

Are there special dietary menus available?

Yes, all the special dietary requirements are fulfilled by the restaurants at Disneyland Paris. Vegetarian, non-vegetarian, vegan and even kid-specific diet plans are available to choose from depending upon the restaurant of your choice.

How can I make reservations at the restaurants?

After booking your tickets with us through our official website, you can book your reservation for the infamous Disneyland Paris restaurants using their official application. This has to be done 2 months prior to your arrival as this is a crowded place.

What is a Disney Meal Plan?

The Disney meal plan offers 1,2, or 4 meals per day included for a single person per night of their stay in the hotel. Breakfast: At the hotel of your stay.

Half-Board: Breakfast at the hotel and choose either lunch or dinner at the restaurant of your choice.Full-Board: Three meals a day at the restaurant of your choice.

Which are the best rides in Disneyland Paris?

There are many rides at Disneyland Paris ranging from light-hearted rides to thrilling rides with the most popular rides including India Jones and the Temple of Peril, Crush’s Coaster, Carousel, and RC racer.


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