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About Disneyland Park

Visit Disneyland Paris and enter the magical world of fairytales which will inspire your imagination and will make you feel enchanted. You will feel lost in the fairytale settings, the shows, attractions and parades of this theme park filled with characters from your favourite stories. Explore the various areas of this wonderland and check out their various attractions.

Start your journey from Main Street, USA, where you will find yourself in an enthralling American town which was the childhood home of Walt Disney. Explore the place before you enter Adventureland and feel excited about sailing into the high sea with the pirates. Explore the ruins of ancient temples, follow Aladdin on his journey or go on an African Safari. Step inside the Discoveryland and discover the joy of being a part of the Disneyland Park galaxy. Go into Fantasyland to see the tales from your childhood come alive. And lastly, check out the various Disneyland Paris Restaurants if you feel hungry.

Attractions at Disneyland Park

The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Show

One of the attractions at Disneyland Paris is The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands show, popular with thousands of spectators. This exclusive show will enchant you with the enactment of the classic Disney animation movie, The Lion King by singers, dancers and acrobats. Watch the show and swing to the melodies and the rhythms of the savannah.

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30th Anniversary Magic Shot

It’s photo time and you head towards the Main Street U.S.A. of the Disneyland Park! This is the place where you can go for the Magic Shot by Disney PhotoPass™ experience with transposed digital representations of your favourite Disney characters such as Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Chip 'N' Dale. This perfect souvenir can be captured in the unique 30th Anniversary frame of Disneyland, celebrating 30 magical years of the park.

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An Encounter with a Droid

You must visit Disneyland Paris and go to Discoveryland if you want to meet the R2-D2 Droid and get an opportunity to have a close encounter with this character. Suitable for all ages, the Droid will keep you hooked to itself as you try to figure out his strange language.

Beware Bobba Fett is watching you!

Another exciting character whom you can meet in the Discoveryland of the Disneyland Park is Boba Fett, one of the most feared bounty hunters of the galaxy from the Star Wars. Be sure not to get in the way of this character with his deadly weaponry and customised Mandalorian armour as you visit. Take a look at the rooftops from where he might be keeping a close eye on you.

Disney D-Light

As night falls, you will be enchanted with the Disney D-Light, one of the special attractions at Disneyland Paris for celebrating its 30th Anniversary. Visit the Main Street U.S.A. and feel mesmerised looking at the latest show where drone light choreography has been used to illuminate the sky over the Sleeping Beauty Castle to create a magical effect. Watch closely to see amazing Disney illuminations follow next.

Disney Stars on Parade

Disney Stars on Parade is one of the afternoon attractions at Disneyland Paris which you must not miss during your visit to the park. Watch your favourite Disney stars parade pass through the park in their dazzling colourful costume against the backdrop of melodious music. Feel excited as you watch Peter Pan's flying ship sail by and then let Elsa's delightfully icy wind carry you away.

Dream and Shine Brighter

Another one of the attractions at Disneyland Paris which you can find in the Main Street U.S.A is an enjoyable daytime show, Dream… and Shine Brighter. The show has been specially created to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the park. Feel excited as you watch all the Disney characters such as Mickey, Minnie and others heading towards the venue of celebration in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle in their special 30th Anniversary costumes. Tap your feet to the sound of the catchy 30th Anniversary song.

Meet ‘N’ Greet with Baloo

Head towards Adventureland to take a look at one of the attractions at Disneyland Paris, the famous Baloo, the adorable bear from the Jungle Book. Feel happy as you pop by and say hi to this loveable character in the Meet ‘N’ Greet with Baloo experience.

Meet ‘N’ Greet with Jafar

One of the attractions at Disneyland Paris is Meet ‘N’ Greet with Jafar where you get the opportunity to get the experience of meeting the wicked Jafar. Look out for him in the streets of Agrabah in the Adventureland and head towards the Magic Lamp Meet 'n' Greet spot to meet this sneaky sorcerer before he does more mischief.

FAQs About Disneyland Paris

Is there any age restriction for the rides in Disneyland Paris?

Yes, some of the rides in Disneyland Paris have age and height restrictions. Hence it is recommended to check the restrictions online before going for the ride.

Are backpacks allowed in Disneyland Paris?

Yes, backpacks are allowed in Disneyland Paris on most of the rides. However, on some of the rides, you cannot carry a backpack along and will have to keep it in the store at ride boarding.

What can you not bring into Disneyland?

You cannot bring hazardous or illicit items along with glass bottles, any weapons or toy guns, remote-control toys, or alcoholic beverages to Disneyland. Additionally, any items such as horns or loudspeakers are also disallowed along with camera extension poles such as selfie sticks.

What are the opening times of the Disney Parks?

Both Disneyland Park Paris and Walt Disney Park Paris open at 9:30 am in the morning daily. Disneyland Park Paris remains open till 11:00 pm and Walt Disney Park Paris is open till 8:00 PM. Do note that the opening times may vary with the season and the parks may remain open for longer hours during special events.

Where can I find show and parade times for the Disney Parks?

You can find the show and parade times for both Disneyland Park Paris and Walt Disney Park Paris online. You will also be able to check what's on and at what time, on the maps available in the park.

Is Disneyland worth it in Paris?

Yes, Disneyland Paris is definitely worth visiting. There are several attractions at Disneyland Paris where you meet the fairytale characters and get immersed in the magic of the various shows and attractions of this theme.


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