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About Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris is an entertainment zone lying 32 kilometers east of Paris, encompassing two interesting Disneyland theme parks and 7 hotels. The two theme parks of the complex include Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Paris. Disney Village is a shopping, dining, and entertainment complex with many Disneyland Paris Facilities.

The whole place started in 1992 and Disneyland Park was the first one to be opened followed by the Disneyland studio park. 2017 marked the silver jubilee anniversary of Disneyland Paris, the same year in which Walt Disney Company completed 97% ownership of the place. Witnessing about 320 million visitors, this is the most visited theme park in Europe, following the first one being that of the United States.

The most spoken language of this enchanting place is French with English being the second one. Possessing 50 attractions, you can enjoy different shows and thrilling rides at Disneyland Park. Walt Disney Disney Studio Park is another happening place loved by kids and teenagers as they say hello to their favorite characters come to life.

Facilities at Disneyland Paris


Annette’s Dinner: Built around the theme of the Rock and Roll era of American Diner, this restaurant will make you eat the tastiest American food.

Au Chalet de la Marionnette: Inspired by the world of long-nose Pinocchio, this restaurant delivers the tastiest food in the Bavarian style.

L'Auberge de Cendrillon: Cinderella-themed French cafe in Disneyland Paris located in Fantasy land.

Ben and Jerry’s: Ice cream, refreshments, and sweets.

Bistrot Chez Remy: Ratatouille-themed French Vegetarian restaurant.

Cape Cod: French seafood special restaurant.

Cafe Fantasia: A coffee shop located 0.2 miles from marine la Valle.

Inversion Restaurant: Famous for French European lunch located 0.2 mi cheesy.

Cowboy Cookout Barbecue: located in Marne-la-Vallee, this is a fast-food restaurant known for quick snacks and the tastiest BBQ.

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  • Disneyland Hotel: Decorated in the colors of famous Disney characters like Cinderella, sleeping beauty, frozen, and many more, this elegant hotel tells you a story through its vibrant looks.

  • Disney’s Hotel New York- the art of Marvel: Just the way the name suggests, experience your favorite Marvel Characters come to life.

  • Disney’s Newport Bay Club: Themed around Mickey Mouse, this resort is on the banks of Lake Disney within a 15-minute fun from Disneyland Park.

  • Disney Hotel Cheyenne: Built in the Wild West style, this is a Toy-story themed hotel located within a 20-minute walking distance from Disney parks.

  • Disney Sequoia Lodge: Located 15 minute walk away from the Disney parks, this hotel gives you the relaxing vibes of a mountain lodge themed around Bambi and friends.

  • Disney Hotel Santa Fe: In the theme of cars, this hotel is styled in the American Southwest located within a 20-minute walking distance from the Disney Parks.

AED/Automated External Defibrillators

Automated external defibrillators are one of the most needed Disneyland Paris Facilities as these medical devices prevent unexpected deaths due to cardiac arrests. These machines are deployed throughout Disneyland Paris, suitable for use on Adults and Children in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

These devices are used by the cast members or guests without any training or certification as this device can be easily operated by verbal instructions. In the Guest Guide Map, you can see the locations of this device’s deployment or can call 112 for the assistance of the cast members.

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Disney Check

The option of Disney check provides adequate healthier and nutritious food options for kids aged 3-11. You can find this service on the menu for children at Disneyland Paris quick services restaurants. Children are provided with a nutritional meal containing mostly fruits and vegetables. These meals are prepared by the chefs in the cleanest and healthiest environment. Disneyland Paris encourages healthy eating by presenting the importance of fruits and vegetables in an average meal.

Disney Express Check-in and Luggage Service

This service will let you directly move into Disneyland Paris without any hassle of moving into the hotel first. Once your documents and bookings are examined by any cast member, you will be handed your park tickets. Your luggage would be taken by the cast members and the team for putting into the booked hotel. Disney Express Check-in and luggage service are one of the best available facilities at Disneyland Paris that lets you enter to enjoy the park saving you from the hotel check-in and luggage keeping.

First Aid

For the well-being of the guests, this amazing park has First Aid centers throughout the park making it the safest and most precautionary Amenities at Disneyland Paris. If any guest feels ill and discomforted, they should rush towards First aid Centers without any hesitation. People with special abilities are assisted fully along with the children about 3 years of age who need to change. The staff that assists the guests are fully qualified and medically trained with equipment that helps everyone. First aid gets opened before the time park opens for 7-days a week.

Extra Magic Time

As the name suggests, these types of Disneyland Paris Facilities will award you extra time to enjoy the extra thrill in the park. This happens if you check in to a Disney Hotel as you are given exclusive access to all the parks of Disney Parks in the early hours beating the crowds. The attractions are allowed to be accessible by people staying in the hotels much before the official opening time, making the trip even smoother.

Free Wifi

Free WiFi is one of the best Amenities at Disneyland Paris that lets you enjoy internet access in every moment spent in these parks. This WiFi is accessible in the three theme parks and the hotels of Disneyland. You can access this by a sign-in page, from this page you can check out the relevant boxes to be redirected towards the official app of Disneyland Paris. The official app lets you access the WiFi as per the written instructions.

Guests with Special Needs

To cater to the guests with special needs, there are suitable Facilities at Disneyland Paris for empowering people with special abilities. To support these people, dedicated cast members are always at service. Certain attractions of the place are especially adaptable as they can be enjoyed directly in the wheelchair. Other attractions need a transfer within a limited time; hence, these attractions are denoted by “T”. Cast members and staff assist in helping the person transfer and re-transfer again.

Shopping Services

The shopping services are the most useful type of Facilities at Disneyland Paris. This facility will incredibly save your time and energy as you can leave all your purchases in the shop. The shops or Disney village are responsible for delivering your shopped items to the hotel of your stay. However, You have to drop these things at the shop before 3 PM. This service is accessible to almost every hotel in the closest vicinity of Disneyland Paris.

Visiting Disneyland Paris with Children

Disneyland Paris is suitable for all children of all ages. Children can enjoy 5 magical lands. All the rides and the play zones are designed as per safety norms involving children. The Walt Disney park is again child-friendly with the display of its iconic characters. There is a specific menu only for children, and special children rates at Disney Hotels and Disney Parks. Amenities at Disneyland Paris include the option of babysitting in hotels as well. Besides, special services are available for infants.

Animal Services

When in Disneyland Paris, guess who is at your service? The smartest animals assist guests with utmost intelligence. The guests are allowed to hold the service animals to themselves while the cast members aren’t allowed to do so. Guide dogs are hired by the guests and they are allowed to feed them. All of these service animals provided as Facilities at Disneyland Paris live in the Animal care Center.

FAQs About Disneyland Paris

Which are the best restaurants in Disneyland Paris?

King Ludwig’s Castle: Located in Disney village, this restaurant offers tasty food in the style of Bavarians.

California Grill: Lovely French European Dinner but a bit expensive.

Walts Pin American Restaurant: French-American Restaurant is famously known for its Birthday celebration in Marne-la-Vallee.

What is Extra Magic Time in Disneyland Paris?

Extra magic time is one of the Facilities at Disneyland Paris which allows you to spend extra time in the theme parks. Through this, you will be gaining access to rides and attractions much before their opening time. Extra time will enable you to spend more time when the park won’t be crowded much.

Are there proper restroom facilities at Disneyland Paris?

Yes, restrooms are one of the amenities at Disneyland Paris available throughout the venue. All the restrooms are accessible to people with special abilities and equipped with facilities for baby care.

Does Disney provide an accessibility guide for the Disney Parks?

Yes, Disney provides accessibility guides to Disneyland Paris. This is known as an Access Card which includes all the information and a map offering a 25% discount to people with special abilities.

Is it possible to rent a wheelchair at Disneyland Paris?

Yes, a wheelchair can be rented at the wheelchair rental shop situated at the entrance at Town Square Terrace and Walt Disney Studios.

Are there any lost and found facilities available at Disneyland Paris?

If you lose any item of yours in Disneyland Paris, the lost and found recovery system helps you to find it at the lost and found stations.

Where are the lost and found stations at Disneyland Paris?

Disneyland Paris Facilities for lost and found are located in In City Hall in Disneyland Park Paris just beside Studio Services in Walt Disney Studios Park Paris.


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